From time to time, GLAAM has awarded a number of Certificates of Appreciation honoring significant contribution over a number of years. The Awards Program also acknowledges these recognitions.

Date Recipient
10 September 1988 John Bainbridge for nearly 12 years of coordinating the Folk Song SIG
4 March 1989 Sally Paskin for her many services to GLAAM
5 May 1990 Elinor Collingsworth for the work she has done for GLAAM
2 March 1991 Diana Woods for her services as the Gifted Youth Coordinator
6 April 1991 Carl Nail for his work on the GLAAM Directory
4 March 2000 Bob Seiden for his exceptional service to the GLAAM newsletter
2 December 2000 Phil Stracchino sysop of, which hosted the GLAAM website or three years before it was shepherded to the national Mensa server
14 September 2002 Peggy Noland for her many years of volunteering as a GLAAM Proctor

GLAAM wishes to honor the contributions of members who were awarded Certificates of Appreciation. The Awards Committee is aware of the Certificates listed above, but also considers it likely that this is not a complete list. If further research uncovers other awardees, they will be added here.