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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10:00am, Investments
11:00am, Board of Directors
11:15am, First of the Mensth
5:00pm, Murrieta Happy Hour
Noon, Brunch Davidians
7:00pm, Movies at Night in Arcadia
9:30am, 2B3L
1:00pm, Second Saturday Lunch
Noon, Calendar Deadline
1:45pm, Escape Room Aficionados
Noon, Mensa Writers Group
Noon, Newsletter Deadline
5:00pm, Murrieta Happy Hour
6:00pm, Tooth Tuesday
Noon, Brunch Davidians
6:00pm, EE&AE
11:00am, Mensa Testing
10:00am, Disneyland Mensa SIG
1:00pm, Folksong SIG
3:00pm, Croquet
4:00pm, Crumpets and Tea
6:00pm, International Diners' Club
5:00pm, Murrieta Happy Hour
6:00pm, 3rd Tuesday (3rdT)
Noon, Brunch Davidians
1:00pm, Chicago Bridge
5:00pm, South Bay Sunday Salon
6:30pm, Pantages Theater
5:00pm, Murrieta Happy Hour
7:30pm, Mensa Writers Group
Noon, Brunch Davidians
6:30pm, Sizzler
7:00pm, Independent / Foreign Film
5:00pm, ELAC Gaming
8:30pm, Laser Tag

Event details

Full details regarding the events on this page are located in the Calendar section of the Members Only area of this website.


Every Greater Los Angeles Area Mensa (GLAAM) event is limited to Mensa members and their invited guests. Events marked (PE) are public events not run by Greater Los Angeles Area Mensa; they are listed solely to inform members of events which may be of interest to them.

Prospective members are requested to make advance reservations for events. Proof of membership may be required at any event. Attendance in private homes is at the option of the host. If in doubt, call the telephone number listed in the entry.

GLAAM neither endorses nor recommends any of the listed events.

GLAAM wishes to respect the privacy of its members, and reasonable efforts have been made to secure permission before publishing telephone numbers and email and postal addresses; such information has been withheld when instructed to do so, and all email addresses which appear here are encrypted. We apologize profusely for any instances where personal information appears contrary to the individual’s wishes. If you are aware of any such instance, please contact the Calendar Editor and/or the Webmaster, who will promptly modify what appears here in accordance with your request.

The Web Calendar may differ from the L.A. Mentary Calendar because of updates submitted after the newsletter went to press.


Brian Madsen is GLAAM’s Calendar Editor and SIG Coordinator

Alma Munro is GLAAM’s Webmaster.

Any changes to any of the items on this page should be sent to both Brian and Alma at one of their addresses.

If it’s specifically a change to a SIG, such as a leadership change, please send it to the SIG Coordinator address. If it’s a Calendar change that’s not also a SIG change, please send it to the Calendar Editor address. And if it’s an issue with broken links or items not appearing or not appearing correctly in your web browser, please send it to the Webmaster address.